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A model for Academia to engage in the UPR

UPR Info supports the engagement of Academia in the UPR process. Whether you are a professor or a student you might be interested in learning about the Padova Model UPR.

The Padova Model UPR is an academic simulation of the UPR. You can watch the video presenting the programme here.

This model offers participants an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and dynamics of the UPR sessions held in Geneva. Through enhanced learning and role-playing, participants will assess the human rights records of UN Member States and address human rights violations.

Professors of the University of Padova and Padova’s Human Rights Centre, along with its student Secretariat, will provide professional guidance and support throughout the event. 

Participating teams will be assigned different roles, - States under review (SuR), troika States, reviewing States, civil society organisations (CSOs), and national human rights institutions (NHRIs) -, and interact within the UPR Working Group at the sessions of the Human Rights Council (HRC). 

During this simulation, participants will analyse the human rights performance of the SuR, take part in an interactive debate, and adopt the final lists of accepted and noted recommendations.

 Link to the handbook to implement the Padova Model UPR

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Stakeholders Engagement Programme

In addition, UPR Info provides:

Talks/lectures on the UPR and how it works in practice. These may also include  guidance/support tools for students taking specific Group Assessments within their academic courses.

Internship opportunities at UPR Info for students enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s Programmes.