The list of recommendations formulated at the 22 UPR Session is now available in our database

The 2749 recommendations made during the 22th session of the UPR Working Group (May 2015) are now available in our database, amounting to over 43500 recommendations made since the inception of the UPR in 2008.
The recommendations were directed to the following 14 States under Review:  Andorra, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Honduras, Jamaica, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Panama, and the United States. States under Review accepted 73,3% of the recommendations.

Out of all the recommendations formulated by the States, 39,5% were specific recommendations (category 5 in our database). In addition, the five main issues raised by delegations during the inter-active dialogues were International Instruments (641), women’s rights (535), children’s rights (483), justice (262), and death penalty (200).