The Role of Journalism in the Universal Periodic Review


On 10 October 2023, UNESCO, together with UPR Info and the Association of Accredited Correspondents at the United Nations, will organize a side event during 54th session of the Human Rights Council entitled  “The Role of Journalism in the Universal Periodic Review Process”.  The event, sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Chile and Sweden, will be an opportunity to share  good practices for journalists to effectively engage with the UPR, harnessing their potential to advance and uphold freedom of expression.   

The role of journalists in disseminating media coverage of the UPR Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and enriching public discourse on the national human rights landscape is essential for rights-holders living distant from Geneva. Media coverage is also an important apparatus to hold States and other human rights stakeholders accountable. For journalists to be a catalyst for positive changes to advance human rights, freedom of opinion and expression must be adhered to. This fundamental human rights principle, enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is imperative to realize autonomous and diverse media coverage that is necessary for transparency and accountability, let alone protection and promotion of human rights. 

UNESCO has recently published new Guidelines for Journalists to engage with the UPR process to protect freedom of expression. The guidelines are part of a series developed by UNESCO and other partners to use the UPR’s potential in improving freedom of expression, access to information and safety of journalists.

  • Ms. Gabriela Sotomayor, author of the UPR guidelines for Journalists and journalist accredited to the United Nations in Geneva.
  • Mr. Tamer Aboalenin, President of Association of Accredited Correspondents at the United Nations
  • Ms. Nicoletta Zappile, Programme Manager, UPRInfo
  • Mr. Albert E. Sharra, PhD, Multi-award winning Journalist, Malawi
  • Moderated by: Kristjan Burgess, Senior Programme Specialist, Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists UNESCO
Information about the event:

When: Tuesday, 10th October 2023 from 15:00 to 16:00 

Where: Room XXIV, Palais de Nations and online

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Spanish and French translation will be provide.